Yesterday.... ugh, yesterday was so scary. My 16 year old son came to the door with a "crick in his neck", then asked for ibuprofen or Tylenol. My husband grabbed the ibuprofen and came back to Elijah on the ground. After a second he realized he was seizing and screamed at me that Elijah's seizing. I rolled out of bed and called 911 before I ever saw him. It is such a scary feeling not being able to help or do anything. Elijah came to pretty fast, it lasted about a minute. That was the most hourish-minute of my life. The paramedics said he is good and we can take him to the ER by our ourselves. Although I was unsure I agreed and we took him to the nearest children's hospital.

We got to the ER and John (my husband) drove up to the doors so I got a wheelchair and walked in quickly while he parked. We stood in line for 2 seconds and Elijah says, "I'm dizzy." He started seizing again. Every nurse nearby whisked him away and they called a room number over the intercom. At this moment I was having déjà vu from when he was 2. (I'll talk about in my next post.) I was trying to stay in sight of him through the hallways as I followed. He came to after a minute. When he does he always looks so scared and confused... a face I'm sure I'll never forget.

He started looking better after they hooked him up on machines and started the IV. He started joking around what had happened, but he was completely aware of the severity at the same time. He will be on anti seizure medication in the mean time and seeing a neurologist soon to find out why hopefully. He had one seizure at school last March. His school refused to let us see it ourselves in the video or get a copy of it because there were other students in the video that witnessed it. All of his classmates said he was having a seizure, the doctors said it was not. Now they are saying this is his 3rd seizure. So baby-steps to get this figured out.

He is resting a lot and trying not to do too much because usually he is go-go-go all day. He skateboards to the skate-park, he skateboards to work, & to school usually. They start school next week and I do not know how to trust he will be okay. My biggest issue currently is letting him out of my sight. I have been watching him like a hawk. Fingers crossed for an answer to this for all of our sanity!