Let's start with I hate surprises....

and my husband has the hardest time ever surprising me because I guess them all. Hubby surprised me this past year with a bnb and an already paid for tourist trip for two to tour the lower Antelope Canyon in Paige, AZ. This was near the fall holidays of 2019. So we quickly packed up for cooler weather and went on our way. *I say quickly but in order to leave I have to have food prepared and stored... lol... not exactly quick by any means. Anywho, we went on our way Saturday morning and we drove for I believe 4ish hours, found our bnb, went on the tour and took 100s of photos along the way. I was so tired, but wanted to get sunset photos so our bnb host told us the perfect sunset shooting spots for the area. I loved it so much but we were freezing and needed to go to the store for breakfast goodies before it closed. We cleaned up, got some rest, and up at 4am to shoot sunrise pictures. It was soooo cold! But I was determined and had a huge blanket, so I was good. After cleaning up our bnb and packing up, we decided to also stop and get photos of the horseshoe bend. Whewww... they don't warn you of the hard hike for it. I had to take a few breathers to get to the horseshoe. The sand slides as you go uphill. It's a workout.

Images taken in Paige, AZ, all photos are taken & owned by me.