Going back to school after a short summer is never easy. Some parents fuss over their kids having name brand clothes, all of the supplies and cool gear for the new year, but not me. Not me and many other parents out there. (They do get some of the above mentioned, it just is not my focus.) A new year for me is paperwork, after paperwork over my son's 504's & IEP. One son has asthma & severe food allergies, his 504 covers what's needed for protocol. One has severe food allergies and his teacher follows a 504 as well.

This year has not been easy for our family. There's been a death of a very close to us beloved man, Grandpa. Aerik was diagnosed with autism and ADHD. We did a Psych. evaluation at school, got his IEP set up, been seeing a therapist, and a behavioral therapist. Mr. Elijah has had 3 seizures this year and will be seeing a cardiologist and a neurologist. Sean also lost a childhood best friend to a motorcycle accident, it happened a month after Grandpa's passing. So our world has been tipsy-turfy since last Nov. with Grandpa's stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

But alas, we have gotten a lot of it done. We have a 504 meeting soon, I got the Epi-pens with the nurses, some papers done and turned in, appointments made for the kids who need doctor's notes, and an even longer list of undone things. I can not complain too much because I still have my son after our seizure scare last week. I am so thankful that we are all safe and doing good. Good is just fine with me right now after everything. I'm always hopefully the best is yet to come for all of us!