Yesterday I grazed the subject of Elijah around 1 1/2-2 years old. We had some random hospital trips from him as a little one. Once he started wheezing and I called his Dr. who then called 911 and talked us through everything. He started acting lethargic and laying on the couch, on the floor, back to the couch. It was extremely odd behavior for Elijah... he is pretty active. Usually he was up destroying things before anyone realized he was awake. We had to get him a toddler bed almost right after he started walking because he would jump out of his crib. So I could tell when things were off for him.

So the ambulance shows up as soon as my husband did. I went with Elijah to the hospital and he took our older son to Nana's and met us at the hospital. Everything was so rushed and they put him on breathing treatments. He had his own room quickly after arrival. So every 4 hours someone was in there giving him breathing treatments. We spent almost 2 weeks in there, but I couldn't leave him... I was too scared to. He came home with a nebulizer and two medications to take around the clock. I was an exhausted momma. As an infant/ toddler they do not say it is asthma... but he's been asthmatic since.

When he was three he started wheezing so hubby and I grabbed his bags and went to the ER. As we turned into the parking lot his face turned blue. I have never even thought of loosing him until this point. I pulled him from the car-seat while we were still moving and I ran into that hospital screaming. They took him, and took me and hubby somewhere else to question us. I thought he was dead, they wouldn't tell us anything until they made sure we didn't cause this. It was such an awful feeling and all I wanted was to comfort my baby. When we saw him they prepared us... he had tubes everywhere but they told us he will be okay, but he'll be asleep for a while.

I came so close to loosing him. It was earth shattering having the feeling of not being able to help as well as a deep sense of wanting to make everything better. One nurse pulled me aside and told me, "I saw his records & I see what may be wrong, get him allergy tested asap". I listened... after another few weeks in the hospital he went home. I called his doctor, got an new asthma/ allergist. After a lot of allergy testing we found out he is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and oats. It was practically his whole diet at that age. He loved oatmeal, but once we removed it his eczema went away. Egg was a bit more apparent, normal severe reactions, as well as his peanut reactions. I can not believe I spent so much time not knowing he was not okay after eating these things.

But after his second seizure I could not stop thinking back to all of the previous ER trips that were so scary. It kind of bubbled up some PTSD from the past. Thanks for reading!